28 03 17

I know everyone loves vaping but their doing it blindly. Vapping has not yet proven to be a viable alternative to smoking. The data is not in yet because the industry is too young. In 20-30 years we’ll have the data because you knuckleheads will keeping vaping anyway. It’s clear that you don’t care about your health but that’s not my problem. I quit smoking already using other methods.

Other methods are better because you don’t keep doing them forever. Vaping becomes an obsession and rules your life just like smoking. Vapers stay hooked on nicotine and spend goo-gobs of money to fuel their obsession. What’s the point?

Trading One Bad Habit For Another

I don’t think swapping bad habits is a good solution. It’s a mediocre solution at best. A better way to quit smoking is to use a cessation device that you eventually stop. There are tons of them out there, you just have to do your research. Don’t be lazy, this is your health we’re talking about. If you’re lazy with your health then you’ll be lazy everywhere in your life. It’s not rocket science after all. Laziness is not a switch that you can just turn on and off when you feel like it.

I used to be that lazy guy who was too ignorant to do my own research. Not anymore. Can you guess what the result is of my hard work and dedication? Let me tell you. I’ve been smoke-free for over 2 years now! It feel great to not have to reach for a cig every couple hours. I’m a free man now. If you’re addicted to anything, you’re not free because you have to arrange your life around your addiction. You have to consult your addiction before doing anything. I’m the stiff kick in the rear end you’ve been waiting for to get off your bum bum and take action. You can thank me later.

Over and out,

Smoke Free Larry