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Vaping is not just something you do to keep from smoking cigarettes. That’s how you get introduced to it, but that’s not all there is to it. Although the evidence in support of vaping to become recognized as a legitimate smoking cessation tool is overwhelming, it’s still not officially recognized as legitimate. What that means is, there must be another purpose to vaping than just merely quitting cigarettes. According to the FDA, smoking cigarettes must only a commonality between the vast majority of vapers. There must be a secret code that only smokers know that gives you access to buying a vaping device.

why do people vape

Why People Actually Vape

According to the government, vaping does not help people quit smoking, so there must be another reason people are vaping. You and I both know that vaping does help people quit smoking. Any device that delivers nicotine to the body can help people quit smoking. For anyone to pretend that isn’t true is asinine. If a patch can help you quit, or some gum…of course vaping can too. Within the next decade, I bet that the government will be forced to admit that vaping is not only a legitimate way to quit smoking, but that it’s the most effective way to quit.

With the other nicotine delivery methods, you’re still left craving the sensations of a cigarette. You still find yourself looking for a nice throat hit, or wanting something to puff on. Vaping takes care of all that and more. Vaporizers give you a similar experience to smoking but without the fire and without thousands of chemicals.

It is a known fact that cigarettes have over 4,000 chemicals and over 500 ingredients them. Vaping doesn’t give you nearly as many chemicals, so I guess cigarettes have the leg up there. So we’ve established that vaping is wonderful way to quit smoking because it delivers nicotine, satisfies cravings, and doesn’t have nearly as many chemicals. But the question remains, why else do people vape?

Surely people could use vaping to quit smoking and then stop vaping, similarly to how they do with patches and gum. People don’t chew nicotine gum forever and make nicotine gum communities, bragging about how cool their nicotine gum is. So why is it that vaping takes a life of its own?


The number one reason people vape forever, instead of eventually quitting like the other cessation devices, is the flavor. You could try and argue against me, but you’ll come up short. All you have to do is think about it for a few seconds and you’ll see that my logic is rock solid.

Do you think people would still vape if they couldn’t use cloud chasing tanks? Yes.

Would they still vape if they couldn’t buy mods over 80W? Yes.

How about if they could only use mods, or only pen style devices? Yes.

Lastly, do you think people would vape if they had to use unflavored e-liquid? No way!

weird flavorsMy friends, that’s how you use logic to solve a problem. By looking at what would make people quit vaping, we’re easily able to see what keeps them vaping. It’s the flavor, for sure. I mean who wouldn’t want to try a vape juice that goes by the name of Beast Treats? I’ve tried it and it makes me feel like a beast! Not really, but that’s some catchy advertising there. It didn’t make me feel like a beast, but it was spectacular.

Flavor is so important to the vape experience, there’s even atomizers that have been build specifically to give of the best flavor possible, RDAs.


There are two types of RDAs. Some are built for clouds while the majority of them are built for flavor. Flavor RDAs are similar to their cloud chasing counterpart, but have little nuances.

One of the main differences between the two is the length of the chamber and the coil build. The chamber on a flavor RDA will be shorter than that of a cloud chasing RDA. The closer your mouth is to the coils, the better the flavor is. The further it is away, the more the flavor dissipates.

To get the best flavor, you’re going to need to get a good mod. If you get a weak mod and a great RDA, you’ve only won half the battle. Pairing a good RDA for flavor with an awesome mod, like anything made by Wismec or SMOK, is essential to get the best flavor out of your e-liquid. You don’t have to use your mod at it’s maximum power to get good flavor. The high wattages are actually more for cloud chasing. You’ll get better flavor at lower wattages. At lower wattages, you get dense, flavor rich clouds as opposed to warm, thin cloud chasing clouds.

What’s Your Opinion?

I made my argument for why people vape, now it’s your turn. Hopefully you’re on my side, because if not, you’re probably not going to be on the winning side. But if you want to take me on like a woman/man (have to be all inclusive and politically correct in this era), then let’s do this!

Leave your comment below, articulating your perspective on why you think people vape forever instead of quitting after they aren’t craving nicotine or cigarettes.




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I know everyone loves vaping but their doing it blindly. Vapping has not yet proven to be a viable alternative to smoking. The data is not in yet because the industry is too young. In 20-30 years we’ll have the data because you knuckleheads will keeping vaping anyway. It’s clear that you don’t care about your health but that’s not my problem. I quit smoking already using other methods.

Other methods are better because you don’t keep doing them forever. Vaping becomes an obsession and rules your life just like smoking. Vapers stay hooked on nicotine and spend goo-gobs of money to fuel their obsession. What’s the point?

Trading One Bad Habit For Another

I don’t think swapping bad habits is a good solution. It’s a mediocre solution at best. A better way to quit smoking is to use a cessation device that you eventually stop. There are tons of them out there, you just have to do your research. Don’t be lazy, this is your health we’re talking about. If you’re lazy with your health then you’ll be lazy everywhere in your life. It’s not rocket science after all. Laziness is not a switch that you can just turn on and off when you feel like it.

I used to be that lazy guy who was too ignorant to do my own research. Not anymore. Can you guess what the result is of my hard work and dedication? Let me tell you. I’ve been smoke-free for over 2 years now! It feel great to not have to reach for a cig every couple hours. I’m a free man now. If you’re addicted to anything, you’re not free because you have to arrange your life around your addiction. You have to consult your addiction before doing anything. I’m the stiff kick in the rear end you’ve been waiting for to get off your bum bum and take action. You can thank me later.

Over and out,

Smoke Free Larry